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We are big enough to solve your problems and small enough to care

Employees have been given cubus high marks on popular ranking platforms – with good reason. Special benefits and incentives ensure that work is fun and loyalty is high. Our customers benefit from this, too, and they appreciate their dedicated and sometimes longstanding counterparts. At cubus, we are all pulling together. Meet our team:

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What makes us unique?

cubus draws on 25 years of experience in enterprise planning and performance management. cubus solutions use state-of-the-art technologies and combine preconfigured components with tailored elements. Competent consultants and first-class support help to ensure that your application delivers on your expectations. Ask our customers: Our employess receive above-average ratings for their commitment and expertise. And you can count on our commitment to customer value: If there's a problem, we will pursue it until an acceptable solution has been found. And we don't want yout to be just satisfied - we want you to be delighted!

Our Philosophy

The cubus philosophy focuses on customer value, employees, partnership and responsibility.


In June 2019 cubus AG was sold to Serviceware SE. Serviceware is a leading provider of strategies and software solutions for Enterprise Service Management (ESM).
Serviceware has more than 800 customers from various industries, including nine DAX companies. Serviceware has more than 800 customers worldwide from various business sectors; among these are 9 DAX companies as well as 4 of the 7 biggest corporations in Germany. Serviceware’s headquarter is located in Bad Camberg, Germany and the company has over 450 employees. With the purchase of cubus, Serviceware is strategically expanding its ESM platform. With Serviceware, cubus has the perfect partner to further accelerate its growth. The products and competences complement each other ideally.


CXO Software supports financial teams around the world with its CXO reporting software. In early 2018, cubus entered into a partnership with CXO Software, resulting in the technical integration of CXO and cubus outperform EV Analytics. This new alliance offers the opportunity to be a value-added provider of strategic insight for the entire company.


cubus celebrates its 25th anniversary. This is a very important milestone for the entire company because anyone who can hold their own for a quarter of a century on the IT market, which is innovative and fast-moving has reason to celebrate.
Perhaps this success can be summed up in one sentence: cubus makes software for people.


The first international cubus customer conference takes place in Newark, USA. Together with our partners we bring our international cubus EV customers together and offer them the opportunity to have an active exchange of experiences.


May 2015 sees the first forum for innovation management taking place in Kloster Eberbach, Germany. cubus enhances their consulting offering and provides new, interesting conditions for existing applications. cubus outperform release 7.6 supports the new TM1 API with cubus outperform EV Analytics and cubus outperform Performance Management


Many IBM customers are now relying on cubus and the new versions of cubus EV. The number of customers grows to over 250 worldwide. New partners are providing local support all over the world. cubus launches a new initiative for innovation management and offers the industry's first structured approach to drive innovation. cubus outperform is now available as a cloud soultion.


cubus outperform EV Analytics was launched on the market. The succesoor of the IBM Executive Viewer product is particulary suitable for "self-service analysis".


The product portfolio is complemented by the newly established cubus Business Intelligence for Oracle BI.


The products ABC, SPPM and BSC are now integrated in to one solution called cubus outperform. All components will be developed and sold jointly. Customers now get increased functionality and tailored solutions to join strategy, finance, and project word in one platform.


cubus grows with profit - despite the worldwide finance- and economic crisis. New ABC, SPPM and BSC releases are on the market. The first international customer day takes place in Paris / France at a exclusive yachting location on the Seine. The company Phone Group located in Morocco decides to go with ABC - our first footprint in Africa.


At the beginning of April, the next landmark was reached in our international expansion. In Switzerland the first foreign society was founded and the Cubus office was opened in Zurich. The BSC module for ABC was completely reworked and will be available to SPPM customers in the future.


cubus delivers SPPM to the marketplace. SPPM is the first software to connect strategy and financial projects. At the same time, ABC version 6 is launched, a completely revised product based on state-of-the-art technology.


The international expansion is a major component of our new strategic alignment. Partners throughout the world sell Cubus products and take over consulting and customer support in their markets. Numerous customers from Europe, Asia and Australia take part in our 2006 customer day.


cubus launches its international expansion by signing reseller agreements with implementation partners throughout Europe. The latest version of our flagship product, ABC, now integrates multiple data sources into one application. In collaboration with our customers, development of our new product for Process Oriented Corporate Controlling begins - to be released in the following year.


subus continues to enhance ABC by adding a workflow module to support the deployment of performance management concepts.The ABC Balanced Scorecard module is released and successfully implemented at the award winning company SRI Radio, a division of Siemens.

To enhance integration with existing customers SAP investements, the ABC SAP Connector is launched.


cubus brings the new planning and analysis suite ABC to market. Support for the Microsoft OLAP technology platform is completed.


cubus continues to expand by opening a branch office in München.


An application partnership is signed with Hyperion Solutions allowing customers to purchase the complete package from cubus. The cubus branch office in Düsseldorf is established.


The company is reorganized from a limited liability company to a stock corporation to allow and facilitate employee ownership. An IPO was not and is not intended. 


cubus successfully launches their first self-developed software ‘ABC for OLAP’.


In addition to consulting, cubus takes on the sales and distribution of the software Executive Viewer for the German speaking market. This is the beginning of a long and successful partnership with Dutch software company Temtec.


The first project with OLAP data base Essbase sets the foundations for a successful partnership with Hyperion Solutions - a partnership that still thrives today.


cubus Informationssyteme GMBH is founded by Harald Matzke (MBA) and Thomas Volz (Master in Computer Science). The first task of the new company is to implement the Cost Center Planning for Hewlett-Packard.

cubus is...

  • ... concentrated know-how for business intelligence and performance management. There is no other company in Germany that has more experience with Oracle Essbase than cubus.
    Erich Hettrich, Team Leader Consultants
  • ... the software that helps our customers today to be competitive tomorrow.
    Thomas Volz, Board Member
  • … a successful company with a promising future.
    Selda Caglayan, Business Support
  • ... convinced to have the best qualified employees.
    Sandra Hoffmann, HR Manager
  • ... famous for its quick and innovative reaction to customer requirements. Our motto: "There is no such thing as 'can't'."
    Andreas Widmaier, Developer
  • ... dependent on customer recommendations. But that is not the only reason why we give everything in projects.
    Katharina Laudien, Costumer Service Center
  • ... well organized and does not only provide sophisticated software but also a proven implementation methodology. Completing projects within a few weeks is our trademark.
    Christine Quinn, Consultant
  • ... distinguished by our common values: trust, respect and honesty.
    Samira Beck, Financial Accounting
  • … a solution that meets customer requirements in every detail.
    Claudia Blümle, Business Development
  • … a company that goes the extra mile for enthusiastic customers.
    Torsten Lau, Consultant
  • ... a software company that will tap into the untapped potential of the market.
    Veronika Ostertag, Business Development
  • … a brand that stands for trust and customer intimacy.
    Andreas Brühl, Business Development
  • … a perfect blend of the tried and trusted and fresh ideas.
    Tanja Schuller, Business Development
  • ... analytics with an edge. We provide you with clear insights into your business processes and KPis.
    Dirk Fleischmann, Director cubus BIS
  • ... always a step ahead.
    Tobias Heinz, Developer
  • … always trying to meet the support requirements of its customers at the first contact. And in over 40% for all cases we succeed in doing so!
    Thomas Gerblich, Customer Service Center
  • ... continuously trying to streamline the project management processes.
    Anita Klink, Senior Process Architect
  • … always making sure to find technical solutions for the problems and requirements of our customers.
    Andrew Wakelam, Product Management
  • … immediately there for you when you are experiencing problems. Speed is one of our strengths.
    Simone Grimm-Haasis, Customer Service Center
  • ... a company that will push itself to the limit for enthusiastic customers.
    Jutta Graupner, Business Development
  • … flexible and adapts to the need of its customers.
    Michael Mühlena, Business Development
  • ... a company that is not content with satisfied customers. We want enthusiastic customers. They are the recipe for recommendations and long-term success.
    Harald Matzke, Board Member

Customer-Focused Organisation

Many companies claim to do it, cubus is actually practicing it - the customers are proactively involved in the product development process. cubus created a special forum where customers can suggest improvements, enhancements and new features. After all feedback has been collected and published in form of a list, the customers can select the suggestions they regard as the most useful and important, resulting in a "wish list" with their development priorities. The wishes that are technically feasible straight away will be implemented in the next release. Complex requests will be included in future versions. That way cubus products do not only meet the requirements of their users, they are also developed from practice for practice. Their added value is basically guaranteed.



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