cubus outperform 8.0

cubus outperform 8.0 is now available!

Roughly nine months after the 7.6 release the 8.0 version represents a „major release“ with great improvements.

With cubus outperform 8.0 what belongs together will grow together!

User experience has been the main focus of this release, further information can be found below.



What is cubus outperform 8.0?
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cubus outperform 8.0 is


The loading and response times have been significantly improved due to a new concept for the user interface. First impressions show that the software is 3 times faster and in some cases more.

User Interface

Intuitive means that it works as you expect. In a previous version we introduced a new user interface for the analysis component cubus EV. This same look and feel is now available for all Performance Management functionality. cubus outperform now has the same look and feel throughout the entire software.


cubus outperform has always been exceptional when displaying data in tabular form. This now also applies to the way data can be visualized. With the replacement of the charting engine, the most commonly used charts have been enhanced with over 50 new functions and possibilities. The new small multiple option sets the new standard in visualizing multi-dimensional databases. Despite the enhancements, the software is still very easy to use.


In Detail

For users of cubus outperform PM

  • Ribbons – cubus outperform 8.0 has a consistent user interface for all users. The most important functions are visible and easy to find, therefore cubus outperform is more intuitive and easy to use than ever before.

  • Cell notes – Cell notes are used by many of our users. It is now possible to display these comments as a tooltip.

  • Recents and Favorites – The most recently accessed modules are displayed in a simple list. These modules can also be saved as a favorite for easy access in the future. The user can easily switch between their favorite list and the predefined module structure.

  • With cubus outperform version 8 we have made significant performance improvements. Our customer environments have been used during the development process in order to optimize performance. This is therefore the fastest cubus outperform of all time.


For users of cubus outperform EV Analytics

  • Charting Engine – In addition to the more commonly used chart types, e.g bar and line, with the new charting engine it is possible to display small multiples and sparklines in cells.



For Administrators

cubus outperform is up to date and ready for the future. Windows 10 and Oracle 12c is supported with version 8.0.

  • For Essbase Administrators – It is now possible to enter data directly into ASO databases.

  • For TM1 Administrators – TI Processes can now be started from cubus EV.

    Migrating an application from version 7 to version 8 is easy. Our experience during the testing phase shows that complex applications with more than 300 modules can be migrated in less than half a day.           


Where can I get cubus outperform 8.0?

You can find the current version and the release notes of cubus outperform after you have logged on to our website with your account. To the Login.

For further questions or installation support please contact our support team or phone +49 7032 9451-99.



  • Launch information for international customers - new Release cubus outperform 8.0
    Thursday, February 18 th 17-17:45 CET
    Please register here



cubus outperform 8.0 represents the enormous effort of our development team and the involvement of our customers and partners, which supported us as beta tester and delivered valuable input to us. Many thanks to them!

Furthermore we want to say „thank you“ to anyone, who participated at our customer voting in 2014. cubus outperform 8.0 has been implemented with user feedback in mind. In December 2014, cubus carried out a survey in order to ask outperform users what they would like to see in future software releases. This release has taken the results of this survey and other factors into consideration.



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  • Energie Südbayern
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  • National-Bank
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